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I Didn’t Make the Cut…and This Is How I’m Handling It!

August 1, 2017

Plus modeling is just as, if not more competitive than straight size modeling. Over the weekend I took a trip to Norfolk (about 100 miles from home) for a model call. The other hopefuls gushed over my comp card, we introduced ourselves, one model traveled from Louisiana to audition!


Before it was my turn, the woman facilitating the tryout asked if I had auditioned before because they’ve seen me before. I hadn’t but the shock of someone recognizing me had me pumped. I attempted to shake off the jitters and was ready to do my thing. After two walks I received some feedback, walked again and got a nod of approval from the main judge. They thanked me and I was on my way back home.


Two days later I get an email notification titled “Model Call Results”. My heart starts racing, this is it! I did really well, my comp card was banging, I adjusted my walk, I got this.


“Unfortunately you didn’t make it this time…but every day is a fashion show & the world is your runway.”




There was more to the email including the option to see the judges notes/feedback and my overall score. I immediately emailed back thanking them and asked for my scores.


Walk: 4 out of 5

Look: 5 out of 5

Stage Presence: 4 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5


I was shocked. They really liked me! But the note underneath was the kicker.


“Note: The team was overall impressed but previously selected two models with very similar looks.”

I initially was crushed by that comment. I frantically texted my friends and immediately started thinking of a new style and color for my hair. I don’t want to look like anyone else! I’m ME. I’m DAHM!


After my temper tantrum (and food) I came back down to reality. I don’t need a full on makeover to set myself apart from the rest. The auditions were held three Saturdays in a row, maybe I should make the first call and be early as possible next time. As far as hair, my soft bouncy curls are definitely a trendy look at the moment. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been wearing my hair like this since I was 17. Maybe a new style that still fits me and my personality will separate me from the rest. There’s always room for improvement on my walk. There’s always room for improvement period.


No’s keep you humble. I could have let that ruin my day but there was plenty on the bright side to consider. When I received that email I was sitting at my desk on the first day of my new job. My outfit was perfect. My girlfriends had my back as soon as I texted them and it was pay day! No, I didn’t make the cut this time. Yes, other models I know have been doing shows and photoshoots back to back. But that’s not my reality at this very moment. Until the next call I’m getting adjusted to my new job and improving myself on all aspects, not just physically.


That job you didn’t get, the scholarship you weren’t awarded, the audition you didn’t land, only means you are destined for better and you have the time to prepare for it. Happy Tuesday!





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