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TGIF: My Current Obsessions

November 3, 2017

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I’m excited about this week’s obsessions because it includes the biggest thing to hit Netflix this year, new music from some of my favs and an amazing epic!


Stranger Things 2 – NO SPOILERS!


So last Friday Netflix released season two of the hit show Stranger Things. I was a huge fan of the first season but The Duffer Brothers outdid themselves and created an even better second season. We’re back in Hawkins, Indiana and the boys are reunited with Will. Our favorite characters Joyce, Hopper, Nancy, Jonathan and Steve are all back for season two. We’re introduced to a few new characters that the creators are able to not cross the line of a secondary, static (for now) character while maintaining the viewers interest and keeping it entertaining. Another one of my favorite things about the second season is how much everyone has matured. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) had my favorite glo up this year. He’s an angsty teen that misses his girl and just save his hometown. His storyling plus Wolfhard’s acting sucks you right back in. The breakout actor of the season however is held down by Noah Schapp. We didn’t get to hear much from Will and most of his screen time was him shivering in the Upside Down. But Schnapp was front and center this season and he absolutely KILLED it. I expect that the show will get all of the awards but Noah definitely deserves his own and Winona Ryder has to play his mom in everything from now on. As far as our girl Eleven, you’ll just have to watch for yourself and see what happened after she defeated the Demagorgon.


Lemon by N.E.R.D. featuring Rihanna


“The truth’ll set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.”


Coming from left field is a new track from N.E.R.D.! I wouldn’t be a true Virginia native if I didn’t show love to Pharrell. The man is an absolute genius. "Lemon" is an upbeat bop that has Pharrell’s signature drums and clicks. The track is fun but the best part of the song is RIHANNA RAPPING! I’m in love with her voice on this track and I wouldn't mind hearing more of this blended in on her future projects. A video release (tutorial ???) accompanies the song. Rihanna makes a cameo appearance at the beginning shaving a girls head. Then the newly bald girl gives us hot choreo in a neon lit bike shop. Check out the video for yourself on Vevo. "Lemon" is available on all streaming platforms.




Bahuubali 1 & 2


 My best friend Brittany used to catch Bollywood films after Saturday morning cartoons when she was a kid. I got her to join the Netflix cult to watch Stranger Things. After she binged Stranger Things she texted me for two days straight raving about this movie series named Baahubali. I finally got around to it and to be honest, there was another obsession here until I watched that movie. This movie is EPIC. With elements from some of my favorite stories, Baahubali is a little Hercules, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, The Bible, The Odyssey and Tarzan wrapped up into one stunning film with amazing visual effects, fantastic storytelling and a dope soundtrack. Baahubali first follows Shiva, an orphan with incredible strength on a task to save a woman he doesn't know to secure the heart of Avaanthiva. He soon finds he is more connected to this task than he thinks. The truth holds the amazing tale of great leader and warrior Baahubali. Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali: The Conclusion are available on Netflix, iTunes and Youtube. If you have 5 hours to spare I beg that you do yourself a favor and watch these films.


Check out my other obsessions here and here, Have you watched the new season of Stranger Things? What do you think of "Lemon"? Why is it called a tutorial? Have you seen Baahubali? Comment below!

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